I dropped the work down to Polly at The Gallery Norfolk in Cromer for the latest exhibition. I stayed at The Hotel de Paris. It is a huge lump of faded Victoriana in the centre of the town. A well known landmark. Past splendour is evident. There is pageantry and custom brick and wrought ironwork everywhere. You can imagine carriages arriving and bustled ladies and wax moustached gentlemen with top hats arriving, possibly forgetting to tip the footman and ignoring the urchins begging for money outside. The staff I met were very friendly, but the hotel itself looked tired. The day after I arrived, there was a huge storm.

A chandelier in the breakfast room began leaking (There were buckets of water underneath that appeared to need changing regularly). The lift stopped working, and they shut the main entrance door due to the wind. I was halfway through a shower, when the water was turned off. (Not a big deal, but it's hard to clean suds off without water). I was told they had to shut the water off while they fixed a leak.

My room that night was warm and snug, and appeared even more so given the animal noises of the wind outside. The force of it slapping the windows could make you jump. (I had a partial sea view). However, the most disconcerting thing was the room moving. (No, not that). Seriously, the room moved! It was like being aboard ship with creaking timbers and everything. I had a bottle of white spirit in my room. Not for my consumption you understand, but to help ’tickle up’ a few paintings before hanging. The liquid in the bottle looked like it was boiling! I won’t forget that night in a hurry. I took a few pics on my iPad. I’m sure one or 2 will become paintings. I walked one of the larger paintings to the gallery the next day (wrapped in plastic). It was like carrying a sail. When I rounded the church I had to tack. But all’s well that ends well. Polly and her assistant did a great job hanging and framing and a few got sold on the day. I met a nice collector who it transpired I had known from my local pub ten years ago, but he had no idea I was an artist and I didn't know he liked art! Talk about coincidence - What are the chances? I’d better revisit my theories about hive minds and quantum consciousness.


Coming Soon! Chris is hoping to move into his new studio at Waterside Park, Corton, Suffolk in late November. Expect a range of moody new seascapes / coastal scenes.

The studio/chalet sits in a quiet area of the park atop Corton Cliffs, with panoramic views of the sea. “I’m hoping to experience the seasons and elements in all their glory, and to perhaps do some cloud and sky studies a la John Constable"

TEL: 07776 749060

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