The paintings are usually ‘modular’ (Based on 12” or 24” squares with varieties in-between). The panels are individually sized or gessoed using various emulsions. “I prefer to paint on panel as opposed to canvas because I find it more forgiving. You don’t have a canvas tooth to worry about and painting on it isn’t as spongey”. Chris uses a large palette of oil colours and prefers Winsor & Newton, however, the observant may have noticed that Chris sometimes mixes metallics (silver, copper or gold) into the paint. "I find it makes things shimmer - Particularly the sea, and it shows quite well after varnishing”. As far as framing goes, Chris normally now leaves this to the gallery. “That way they can have the frames they like, presented in the best way for a local audience, and it avoids damage and/or shipping air or extra weight”. Obviously clients can specify different frames if they wish, but simple white frames seem to work well.

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